About Author Steven M. Martin
 Steven M. Martin was born in Phenix City, Alabama. From a very young age, Steve M. Martin was known for his thought provoking stories. If he wasn't winning high school and college writing competitions, he was touching his family and friends to tears with his literary creativity. After high school, Steven M . Martin went on to attend Tuskegee University and Mercer University. He is the author of the bestseller "Evolver" and its sequel "Reprobated". Fearless, Steven Martin's works centers around issues involving sexuality in the black community, pro-black activism, and mental illness.    
Pro-Black Activist

   An advocate for the International Pan African movement, Steven Martin writes stories concerning the assembly of Black Africans on an international level and becoming the number one world power. He believes that this will be accomplished through generations of planning and begins to instill these values with his writing of Afro futurism for the adult reader and Coloring/Comic books of positive black figures for the adolescence.
His stories express how Black people on the planet are able to throw down their differences and work...because their very existence depends on it.  
Sexuality in the Black Community

Steven M. Martin deals with sexuality in his writings in a way that people can understand. The author’s thought provoking novels have sparked conversations on sexuality...especially homosexuality. As a worker in the Mental Health field, Steven Martin has established that sexuality is a Nature and Nurture phenomenon. 
Steven Martin's stories illustrate characters that allow his audience to internalize what it means to be in the black community and have attractions to the same sex.  

Mental Health in the Black Community

   Quiet as kept, Mental Illness in the black community is a taboo issue that we don't like to talk about. How it has been handled in the community and in the church has had some very adverse effects. Thus, Steven Martin's characters are written around people with mental illness and the people that love them. 
These stories allow his readers to internalize what it is to have a Mental Illness or know someone that has it.
With this information, you can know when it is appropriate to seek help, who to go to, what to do, and what not to do concerning Mental Illness. 
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